The Posture Cure

We have partnered with some of the leading experts in posture care in order to bring you this list of videos. This Posture Cure Exercise video page has been shared with you in order for you to keep and maintain spinal motion and spinal hygiene between your specific spinal adjustments. If you have any questions on these videos please let either Dr. Tanner or Dr. Heather know on your next visit!

To Great Health,
The Drs. Rodriguez

1. The wobble ball exercises for the lower back - To improve core strength, flexibility and range of motion.

2. Lumbar extension exercise - To get restore the curve of the lower back. ***only use if your doctor has prescribed for you.***

3. Spondylolisthesis exercise - ***only use if your doctor has prescribed for you.***

4. Psoas stretch - To improve flexibility of the hip

5. Chest Expansion

6. Praying Mantis Exercise

7. Alar Ligament exercise -Strengthen and stabilize the neck muscles during rotation

8. Cervical Dorsal compensated -

9. Cervical Dorsal Uncompensated -

10. Life Curve - Neck Roll to reshape the proper curve of the neck

11. Spinal Molding - To reshape the proper curves of the neck and lower back.


  1. You are designed to heal and function on your own (as long as there is no interference in your spine)

  2. Your brain, spinal cord, and all of your nerves that exit your spine control you.

  3. These exercises will help you maintain mobility between your scheduled adjustments. (Do not miss your scheduled adjustments)

  4. When we are able to restore this motion and connection in your nervous system we expect to see improvements in your health.

  5. Commitment, Time, and Repetition is what this will take to get you where you deserve to be, stick with it!