Dr. Tanner, How Often Are You Adjusted?

This is the most common question I have been getting over the recent weeks. I felt compelled to post a Facebook Live Video and write this post for a good detailed response to this question.

As a chiropractor, I live and teach spinal health and well-being, therefore I must take care of my own spine right? Yes!  We know anytime there is improper stress in the spine, we have not only a biomechanical deficiency, but also interference to the brain's ability to communicate to the body, which is an assault to our health! It is important that we keep our spines functioning and moving well to combat these ailments! 

Do I have any pain? No, but I still have my spine checked two to three times weekly, because even as a chiropractor I cannot feel subluxations, or adjust my own spine. With that said, there may be times during that week that my body is holding properly, therefore I won't receive and adjustment. It is all about #Function, not #Symptoms!

In the case of a new patient that is just starting under chiropractic care for the first time, adjustments will be rendered more frequently until their body has shown significant improvement in its ability to hold stable. Our bodies are habitual organisms, and when there are only a few adjustments given, most often the body will regress back into its subluxation pattern. Stabilizing the spine with chiropractic care requires commitment, time, and repitition to retrain the body to hold proper alignment and position to make sure the spinal cord and associated spinal nerves are protected and supported through all ranges of motion. As we progress through care, the visits will taper out further apart.

The big idea is to get us all to spinal maintenance care and spinal wellness so the spine is holding and maintaining proper function and alignment. The reason is, we can only function as close to 100% as possible with proper nervous system health. The key to the nervous system is the spine. So just like driving our car without proper wheel alignment, we can continue to drive it, BUT is that OK? Why does the car pull in one direction? Won't that ruin the tires much faster? 

"Shouldn't we be driving our life with a properly aligned spine to make sure we are headed in the direction of health?" -Dr. T

-Yours in health,

Dr. Tanner Rodriguez, DC